We provide exceptional architecture and interior design services to homeowners, businesses, and institutions that are passionate about design, consider every detail in their environment, are enthusiastic about spending time creating their perfect space, and are sensitive to the physical world around them. Our consultants, engineers, decorators, graphic designers, suppliers, and contractors also care about excellence and share our same enthusiasm for building. We are NYC WBE Certified.


We focus on the inherent architectural and material qualities of a space and the transformative potential of our interventions. We are attentive to the experience of a space and the details that shape that experience. We make spaces that are functional, beautiful, and unexpected. The way materials come together is as important to us as the visual qualities of those materials.


We have a passion for the way buildings and interiors are made. We understand the materials and methods we choose affect the health of our clients. We aim to do work that is ecologically progressive, which means using materials that have a reduced carbon footprint, using natural processes to heat, cool, and ventilate, and using locally sources products for equipment, fixtures, and finishes. We enjoy construction. We design with construction in mind and like to collaborate with our contractors. We consider the construction phase of a project to be an important time in the project where the design is fine-tuned.


Our process entails working together to develop a vision for your space, whether it is a renovation or new construction, and to bring that vision to life. We value our relationships with our clients. They are long term ones that require trust, dialogue, and understanding. If you are interested in our services, send us an email or give us a call. Or perhaps you would you like answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about doing a construction project? Enter your email address below and we will send you our Guide to Design and Construction.